This Noble Doctor From Lucknow Treats Soldiers For Free!

There are very few people today who care for others and look after the less fortunate to actually help them and not to show it off on the social media. And even fewer, who will go out of their way, forgoing money to ease someone else’s pain. But this doctor from Lucknow is an inspiration.

The doctor has been doing such a noble gesture for our soldiers that it is impossible to even thank him, he does something which you and I cannot even think of. This is called a selfless attitude. Soldiers fight for us at the border, they survive in the extreme conditions for our protection. But we rarely can do much for them. This doctor today is doing something for which he should be respected a lot.

Dr. Ajay Chaudhary, treats the soldiers of the Indian army for free. He is working with only one conviction in mind is that if our soldiers are protecting us on the borders, then not taking fees from them and treating them for free is a small contribution he is making.


Ajay Chaudhary himself belongs from a military background, so he knows what it is like to be a part of India’s defence forces. His father was in the Indian Army and his brother is a Commander in the Indian Navy.

Dr. Ajay Chaudhary told ANI, “ This is my way of giving back to the people who work selflessly for the nation. I have been doing this voluntarily.”

There is a notice outside his clinic which states that “ No consultation charge for soldiers. You have already paid our fees at the border.”

Photo: Twitter/ADG PI – INDIAN ARMY

The doctor belongs to a family of patriots. His brother currently serves as a commander in the Indian navy, his father was also in the military. Chaudhary even appeared for the National Defense Academy Exam but could not clear it, but that does not matter because the work he is doing now is commendable.

Let’s take some inspiration and do good? The least we can do is be grateful.

Preview Photo: Twitter/ADG PI – INDIAN ARMY

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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