This Guy Collects Miniature Models Of Iconic Cars & It Will Blow Your Mind!

Lewis Hamilton once said, “The way I drive, the way I handle a car,  is an expression of my inner feelings.” Men and cars have been inseparable since the advent of time and if there is someone who proves it right once again, it is Kuber Wagle.

He might not own fancy cars and drive around in them, trying to zip-through the traffic-clogged roads of Mumbai, he owns over two thousand miniature versions of iconic cars that are simply fantastic to look at.  He is expecting more models soon!

All of us have a hobby we cling to, a hobby that makes us stand out, a hobby that is our own private escape from the mundane routine of life. For Kuber, it is to grow this awe-inspiring collection of classic cars.

“I used to have a lot of cars during when I was a kid but then got busy with other things in life. I have been passionate about cars since childhood and so miniatures were always my first love. Two years ago, when I chanced upon a gorgeous set of Ferrari models online, my passion was re-ignited. Those six small cars kickstarted my passion again and there has been no looking back since,” says Kuber.

He focuses on collecting series of cars from various movies like the ones used in the Batman series, the James Bond series, The Fast And The Furious series and more.

Some cars from the movies:

Furthermore, he adds, “I have mainly concentrated on 1:64 scale models as they need lesser space. However, the first car that I had is a Hotwheels Mercedes SLK which I still have with me since 18 years!”

His first Hotwheels Mercedes SLK

Kuber who is a lawyer practising in civil and family law aims to become a solicitor.

When asked about the price of the collection he owns, he says, “I cannot reveal the exact amount as I would get kicked out of the house,” he laughs and adds, “However, I have rare collectables whose value would only increase with time. I have cars that are limited to 2000 to 15000 pieces worldwide and some as old as produced in the 1980s! If I had to say the value without giving out a number – if I decided to plan on selling my entire collection of 1:64 cars, I can buy a decent hatchback.”

Kuber has got made a special display case to place these rare gems at his home. Have a look:

The showcase for Kuber’s miniature car collection
Some more cars that aren’t a part of the showcase

Out of the two thousand plus cars that he owns, only around two hundred are from India. “After buying the few cars for my initial collection from local shops, I came across various groups and pages on Facebook with collectors from all over the world and the knowledge of variety and better quality cars increased. Since then my local purchases have reduced a lot and most of the cars are purchased from private collectors in the US and from eBay.”

The most expensive car in Kuber’s collection till date is the Koenigsegg Agera R from the Need For Speed movie which cost him  ₹6000.

The Agera R from Need For Speed

Out of this impressive collection of cars, he also has some favourites. Talking about it he says, “I have a few favourites – a 1932 Duesenberg SJ which is a model of the car that was owned by Maharaj Holkar of Indore along with a 1937 Bugatti Type 57c Cabriolet that was gifted by the French Government to the Shah of Iran on the occasion of his wedding. I also have a model of an armoured Rolls Royce from the 1920s. Then there are nostalgic favourites like the Flintmobile, Jetsons, Mystery Machine, Herbie, etc. I cannot single out any car.  It is like choosing a favourite child!”

A 1932 Duesenberg SJ and a 1937 Bugatti Type 57c

One day, he dreams of owning a miniature model of the Batmobile and Jaguar-E type.

We asked him if he would like to set a record to which he replied, “The current record holder has more than 38,000 cars in his collection and I do not think I have that kind of luxury of space and money with me. However, I shall continue collecting whatever I like and maybe one day I might just reach that far.”

Have a look at some of his most proud possessions, they are really mind-blowing:

What is your hobby? Are you pursuing it?

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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