This Indian Business Tycoon Loves Dogs!


The business magnate and former chairman of the Tata group Ratan Tata has special love for dogs in his heart. Recently on the 114th birth anniversary of JRD Tata, the Bombay House, which was the global headquarter of the company was reopened after a nine-month-long restoration process.

Recently a Mumbai based NGO ‘Save our Strays’ shared a photo of the special room created for the dogs in the house, on their Facebook page. Whenever you may have visited the Bombay House, you would find the stray dogs around the reception area. This is because Ratan Tata is very much fond of them. Once he saw the dogs getting drenched in Mumbai rains. Then he build a room where they could take comfort inside the Bombay House. The staff of the building also takes care of the dogs who take shelter over there. Tata has also invested in, which is a pet care portal.

The shelter room at the Bombay House

The Bombay house is a 94-year-old heritage building.  The stray dogs were welcomed here before the restoration of the iconic house even when there wasn’t a designated room for them. The space created for dogs is decorated with doodles of dogs and painted bright yellow.

This act shows that Ratan Tata is not just a man with a heart but he is extremely down to earth. This action of his shows that you can create anything to help anyone with any resource you have. Ratan Tata himself is an ardent dog lover, who has two German Shepherds.


Ratan Tata’s German Shepherds | Photo: Twitter/Ratan Tata
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