This Music Video On Assam Floods Will Make You Emotional

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Singer Rahul Rajkhowa recently released a music video based on Assam floods – your heart will cry out when you watch it.

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This five minute, 6 seconds video by singer Rahul Rajkhowa on Assam floods is something you must watch today. The music video brings to light a serious issue which we seem to have forgotten about.

Rajkhowa told, “I am from Assam, and every year, there are close to 20 lakh people who are affected and 1.45 million acres of land is destroyed. You can’t plant anything in these agricultural lands for the next five to six years. And, it’s funny how it never comes out as a major discussion on news channels. I remember two years back there was a flood in Gurgaon, and everybody was talking about it. But, people are dying in Assam everyday — like, the death toll from electrocution alone was 62 — and, no one knew it. I was talking to my friends in Delhi about how bad the situation was, and they were like, ‘Oh my god, humein toh pata hi nahi hai…’.”

“Priyanka Chopra is the tourism ambassador of Assam, and she didn’t even share a Facebook post or tweet about it to make people aware of the situation. People weren’t doing anything. Papon shared a post on social media, but even he didn’t make any effort to help out people. The only artiste who actually went on to do something is Zubeen Garg. He sings for Bollywood once in a while, but has been going to the flooded areas and doing his bit,” he added.

Furthermore when he was asked about the response he has received on his video, by he said that he had received a few thousand views but other channels had downloaded his video and uploaded it as their own, where it received a lot more views.

The Assam floods took a lot of lives and damaged property – this is an appeal to help the people of Assam.

Here is the video:

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