This Newest Detail About Anushka Sharma & Virat Kohli’s Relationship Is Surprising!

One of the most talked couples of the country, successful actress Anushka Sharma and Indian Cricket Team Captain Virat Kohli got married in Italy. We know that. Here’s what we don’t know.

Since a long time, both of them had kept things hidden to not come into the limelight with what was happening between them. Though it was evident from the advertisements they were doing along, the ‘Manyavar’ ad played a huge role in conveying lots of things about ‘Virushka’.


But a very few people know their history, many think they started dating randomly but the truth is both of them knew each other since childhood! Yes, that’s right! Anushka Sharma’s brother ‘Karanesh’ and Virat Kohli were friends and they used to play cricket along. This was when Sharma was living with her family in Bangalore and Virat was taking training in Bangalore. The couple even used to play cricket together.

Both of them are versatile in their respective fields. People think that when Virat was playing in New Zealand, at that time Sharma was also there and that’s when the duo started dating. But the tables were turned around by ‘Band Baaja Baarat’ actor Ranveer Singh, was the person who introduced Anushka to Virat, once again. Since then things between the couple started heating up, in the middle of all this there were even reports that Ranveer and Anushka were having an affair.

The Manyavar Ad

Even before their marriage they never admitted publicly anything about their lives, it was King Khan of the Bollywood industry who made things obvious in the IPL7 ceremony. It was the incident when Shahrukh Khan conducted a ‘Swayamvar’ for cricketer Kohli on stage, and making him pick up the portrait of ‘Anushka Sharma’. Khan even made him wear the portrait around his neck in front of everyone, which was quite evident that they were having an affair.

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