This School Was Painted Like A Train To Get More Children To Study

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There are two bitter truths to face – one, India has very few good schools and two, where there are schools, the parents are reluctant to send their kids to study finding education to be a waste of time. For those who think education is necessary, government schools are a complete no-no. They’d rather send their kids to private schools.

Also, forever now, sending kids to school has been a task for most parents. The crying, the excuses and the sad faces among children have been the norm, with a few exceptions.

In an out-of-the-box move, the Government of Mysuru got a school painted like a train to attract more students to get an education! In Nanjangud taluk of Mysuru, Karnataka, a few teachers got together and decided to paint the school like a train.


Basava Naik, the school headmaster, told PTI, “One of our teachers got a message about the school-train somewhere in Rajasthan, which prompted him to plan a similar thing here.”

The school had 50 students with some students waiting until they get an admission in a private school. Already, after the painting, many have decided to say and five more students have joined.

“Government schools are shutting down these days because children are going to private schools. The same was happening with our school too. This made us think why not we paint the school to make it look differently,” Block Education Officer of the school M Narayana told PTI.

The school in Rajasthan that was the inspiration for the teachers is also a government school located in Alwar district of the state. They have painted the classrooms like passenger coaches in Indian trains.

Here is the picture of Alwar’s Government Senior Secondary School:


Children have always been fascinated by trains and India’s education system is in dire need of reform. Steps like these from government schools are a good sign of hope.

If you were a kid, would you go to a school that was painted like a train?

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