This Small Time Blanket Merchant Helped Kerala Flood Victims Big Time

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Since some days the thunderstorm has massively destroyed the state of Kerala. The monsoon was going on heavily from July, but from 14th August the weather became disastrous. Till now there is no stopping of rain, nearly the whole state has been affected. 80% of the state has been cut off from the power supply. This is happening for the first time that out of 42 dams in the state, 35 have been opened. The death toll has been above 320 and more than 3,00,000 people are displaced.

In the middle of this natural disaster, a ‘blanket merchant’ from the state of Madhya Pradesh, identified as Vishnu Kachhawa has done something extraordinary for the people of Kerala. 28-year-old Vishnu, hails from, Neemuch, which is a district in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. He donated all his blankets to flood sufferers. This is a rare kind of noble gesture as he is not an affluent person, does not come from a rich background. He is simply a middle-class person who does the work of selling blankets from door-to-door in Iritty, which is in the Kannur district of Kerala.

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Vishnu came to the state of Kerala with the purest intention of just giving all his blanket stock to the survivors. He has only one reason because the state has given him everything he wants to this for the people. The kind gesture took place on the 10th of August when Vishnu walked to the Iritty Taluk officer of Kannur with all his stock. He donated all the blankets he had to the deputy Tehlisdar ‘Lakshmanan’.

The Tehsildar told The Week, “I thought he was joking. I asked him how he would earn his living if he donated his blankets. But Vishnu was adamant.”

Lots of people have come forward to the help for the people of the state. Even people are digitally donating monetary help. Many rescue teams have been deployed in the state for the people who are still stuck.

Vishnu donating his entire stock of blankets | Photo:

Vishnu told Manorama Online, “Kannur is my second home. Kerala has given me everything. A place to stay, a livelihood to support my family and raise my children. I am seeing Kerala in such agony for the first time. I cannot afford to watch people suffering, and I gave them what I have.”

Have you also helped the victims of the Kerala floods? Tell us your story in the comments below.

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