This Teen From Odisha Has Found A Way To Make Electricity From Old ₹500 Notes!

Photo: The Deccan Chronicle

If you still possess the old demonetised ₹500 notes, electricity can be generated from it, proves this teen from Odisha!

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17 year old Lachman Dundi, a resident from Odisha’s Naupada district, discovered a technique to generate electricity from scrapped old ₹500 notes.

The innovator has found out that when the notes are exposed to sunlight, these notes can generate 5 volts of electricity per note.

Lachman Dundi told Times Of India, “I tore up the note so that the coating is visible, which I exposed to direct sunlight. The silicon plate has to be connected to a transformer with an electric wire. This can help generate electricity.”

In an interview with the Deccan Chronicle, he had said, “The exposure to sunlight produces 5 volts of electricity. The note needs to be connected to a transformer with an electric wire that would produce 220 volts that can light an electric bulb or rotate a fan. We can use the electricity for 24 hours if it is stored in a battery.”

If the energy is transferred to a battery it can maintain a charge of up to 24 hours.

Dundi’s idea which has shocked many people, scientists, researchers has potential to transform into a big project.

When the demonetisation was announced, the whole country thought of getting rid of the notes by various ways.Tthis young boy from Dundi has come up with  a productive way.

But why does he still have access to these old notes, is a question that remained unanswered.

The news of this project has reached the PMO.  Also, the government of Odisha has directed the state’s science and technology department to research and study Dundi’s project and send a report to the PMO.

Lachman comes from a very ordinary family, his parents Tirtha Dundi and Suadei Dundi are labourers. Dundi gathers his study expense by selling LED bulbs assembled by him in the local market. He is an Intermediate science student at Khariar college in Nuapada, Odisha.

Dundi said, “When nobody took notice, I wrote to the Prime Minister and Chief Minister.”

Lachman also claims that electricity can be generated from urine. He has sought government assistance to explore this possibility.

Pravat Kumar Parija, a science teacher at Shree Maa Girls’ High School, Kendrapara, told the Deccan Chronicle that the solar panels that produce electricity are made up of a series of interconnected silicon cells joined together to form a circuit. If the Rs 500 currency note has really got a coat of silicon on it, it can be used as solar cells to produce electricity.

“It needs to be scientifically examined if the scrapped Rs 500 note has any coat of silicon on it. If it has really got a coat of the metal, it can be used for producing electricity,” he said.

Lachman Dundi once again proves that India has a lot of untapped, unexplored, unknown potential. If people with almost zero access to scientific resources like Dundi can come up with such innovative ideas to beat energy crisis, imagine what the trained can do!

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