The Woman Behind ‘The Beehive’ Personifies The Statement, ‘There Is No Right Time For Anything’

Loveena Singh Ahuja who is an ex-banker and an entrepreneur who did what most won’t. She left her job when it was at the peak to pursue her passion for art and craft.

She sets an example of why there is no right time for anything – the time has to be made right with utmost passion and belief. The ex-banker had her heart in the field of art and craft but at the same time, she was working 60 hours of the week as a retail banker.

Loveena Singh Ahuja | Photo:

In 2011, after Singh had completed 13 plus years as a corporate professional, the moment had come when she left it and started pursuing what she wanted to do for a very long time.

Loveena had a vision. Everyone has a vision of their own, sometimes they do not picture it clearly, confusion may arrive in the middle or they may pursue it very well with clarity.  Her vision led her to create something very remarkable, ‘The Beehive’.

Here are photos from various workshops by The Beehive:

Singh aimed at doing something different not to prove anything to anyone but because she wanted to do it. She created a space for people where they could spend a few hours of their life and try doing something different in an artistic atmosphere.

The Beehive is located in a very quiet corner of Gurgaon. The place has a very welcoming and positive environment where children and adults can relax and feel the joy of doing various activities.

Loveena is inclined towards workshops and activities and one such workshop had taken place on 14th of April 2018, called ‘Melange, A Spring Fest’ presented by The Beehive. There was great live acoustic music, delicious food along with a retail of unique products and a free for kids workshop.

Loveena is one such individual who decided not only to pursue her passion but also to involve others in her activity of creating engaging art and craft workshops and activities. She is a woman worth taking inspiration from.

You can connect with them on their Facebook page for more updates.

Preview Photo: Facebook/The Beehive

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