This Woman Skydived In A Saree, Setting A New Record!

The thought of skydiving is enough to give you a super adrenaline rush – doing it is a feeling that is completely out of the world. It makes you bolder, some say. It surely is one of the most sought-after sports for adventure enthusiasts.

While it is not new to hear about someone skydiving – what’s new is skydiving in a saree!

Shital Mahajan Rane, a 35-year-old woman from Pune, Maharashtra, set a new record by becoming the first Indian to skydive in a Nav-wari saree in Thailand. And not once, but twice!


She skydived twice from an aircraft at the height of 13,000 feet – right above Pattaya. In February, when she skydived, she had the Women’s Day in mind. She also wanted to give a tribute to her roots.

A Nav-wari saree which is usually worn by Maharashtrians in a challenge to drape as it is longer than the other sarees. It is almost nine yards long. Skydiving in it is an even more difficult challenge as she had to drape it properly and put all the skydiving gear on it. She had to pin and tape the saree at various places to ensure it doesn’t come off during the dive.

“I wanted to prove that Indian women can not only carry the sari graciously in their routine lives, but can also use it for high adventure like skydiving,” she told NDTV.

This is not all. She is a Padma Shri, who has set several international and national skydiving records. She has completed 704 jumps around the world! Her first jump was on April 18, 2004, on the North Pole from a helicopter in minus 37 degrees, from a height of 2,400 feet. She had then become the first woman to do so, setting her first record.

Nothing has stopped her from then. This mother of two has a dream of skydiving over the Mount Everest – she has attempted it twice but hasn’t succeeded yet.

She also runs her own skydiving academy named Phoenix Skydiving.

Such an inspiration!

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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