Unforgettable Author Ernest Hemingway & His Iceberg Theory

119 years ago, Ernest Miller Hemingway was born on this day. A reporter at first, Hemingway rose to fame and soon became a very famous author. His books, that are now classics, continue to influence the world of literature even today.

Born in Oak Park, Illinois in the United States Of America, he began his reporting career with The Kansas City Star. Soon after, he left to serve in World War I as an ambulance driver at the Italian front. But after being severely injured, he came back home.

He had four wives and wrote some amazing works such as The Old Man And The Sea (that is now a part of the academic curriculum in India), A Farewell To Arms and more. In 1954, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature.

What influenced the 20th-century fiction the most was Ernest Hemingway’s unique style of writing which he referred to as, the ‘Iceberg Theory’. To put it simply Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory states that like the tip of the iceberg, the facts float above the water while the structure & its significance (like the base of the iceberg) is not in sight. Hemingway focused on what was happening above the water in his writing, and the symbolism of a certain act in his works was left untouched – often for the readers to understand on their own. This was also called the theory of omission, where the writer describes one thing but something completely different is occurring with the character at the same time.

For instance, a writer describes how a lady is staring at the sunset, painting the same picture. The same lady would be focusing on her act so that she doesn’t have to think about the complexities of life or forget a fight with her lover – this part which is not described.

Today on his birthday, let’s revisit some of his beautiful quotes and appreciate literature:

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