Varun Dhawan’s Life Has Been Impacted By His Upcoming Film October

Varun Dhawan has been picking serious roles like the ones in director Shoojit Sircar’s ‘October’. October is releasing on 13th April 2018, also starring Banita Sandhu who is a newcomer to the Bollywood industry. Dhawan plays the role of ‘Danish Walia’ also known as ‘Dan’ who is a hotel management trainee and a very career oriented person. Banita plays the role of Shuili who is Dan’s classmate and co-worker.

From  the trailer which is extremely simple in its own way, the audiences do not get a complete idea of what the movie is about. The mystery about what happens is keeping the audiences tuned in. In the trailer, there is a traumatic event which happens with Varun Dhawan and actress Banita Sandhu which changes their lives, and that too in the month of ‘October’.

Varun Dhawan has been seen doing comedy, action and entertaining roles in most of his movies. Only in ‘Badlapur’ and now ‘October’, his roles seem to be different.

Dhawan, before the release of the trailer had interacted with the media saying, “I need the film more than anyone else in the room at this point of time in my career.”

The type of the role the actor plays in the movie seems to be very serious and it has impacted his life a lot.

Varun told the IANS news agency, “I was the last person cast in the film after meeting Shoojit Sircar. I think casting should happen that way… Not because one actor is doing good in films. When I heard the story, I was so moved by it that felt the need of doing the film. I don’t want to say much about it, but this film has definitely impacted me so much as a human being. I think it has definitely changed me as a human being.”

October Director Shoojit Sircar had made actor Varun Dhawan follow these ‘ten commandments’ very strictly:

1) Varun Dhawan was requested to make a genuine effort towards talking softly with everyone by lowering his volume.

2) Always focus on one scene at a time rather than the entire script.

3) After waking up in mornings he always used to look at the plants for 10 mins and not his phone to increase calmness.

4) To not be on social media while shooting.

5) Walk and talk like a very ordinary and regular guy, not like a star.

6) Look normal like a 21-year-old boy, stop gym, follow normal diet.

7) Learn all the mannerisms of a hotel employee, performing all the tasks of a trainee – cooking, laundry and cleaning.

8) Be very honest with oneself.

9) Varun in most of the scenes looks natural with very less makeup in the movie.

10) Varun’s face should look like a sleep deprived so the actor had to sacrifice sleep for a few nights.


Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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