This Viral Twitter Thread About A Woman From Delhi Will Send A Chill Down Your Spine!


“They weren’t doing it on impulse. They came here for this,” says the woman who witnessed a beastly incident in Hauz Khas Village area of Delhi.

Heer Khant


While the newspapers and websites cover atleast one rape incident everyday while scores of rapes go unreported in India, we seem to have accepted the occurrence of rapes as a ‘thing that happens’.

We hear stories about drunk brats abducting women who rejected them or simply rape them because they think they have the ‘right to do so’, we crib and we forget. Just like the fizz goes out of the soda bottles. But this story that this woman shared on Twitter puts out rape as a planned conspiracy.

That groups of men go to places where women are seen frequently and find a ‘vulnerable prey’ and attack her.

This incident shared by the woman got the attention of the media and the police. She stated that the incident happened between 12:55 am to 1:30 am. She couldn’t notice the complete number plate of the car but she noticed that it had the digits 7226 in the end -‘DL xxxx 7226’ and that it was a silver sedan, most likely a Honda.

The lady narrated the incident said that it was her prerogative to not lodge a complaint but she had explained the incident in detail to the police.

There were some people who went crazy over Twitter demeaning her and ranting. There were others who called her move brave, to which she said:


Here is what she said:

“Hey. So I’m going to describe what happened last night at Hauz Khas Village (HKV). As we were leaving, we had to walk from HKV to Aurobindo [Market]. There was a car full of men heading towards HKV. A girl wearing shorts, accompanied by a very drunk guy was walking out. The car takes a [u-turn]. They stop, two guys get out and you hear “Bas gaadi mein daalo (put her in the car)”, they start following the girl. She’s busy dealing with a drunken friend.

Three to four guys in car and two guys on foot start closing in on her. They see a crowd (us) and the guys get back in [their] car. They wait a while and then go ahead. Two guys get out again this time they go straight for the girl, and the car is ready so they can grab and toss her in. They surround her.

This is when I run up to the car and ask them what’s up. They say, “Nothing, go away”. I say, “You are stalking this girl, f*ck off”. They laugh. They say, “Isko drop kar denge kahin. Zyada bolegi toh tereko bhi kahin le jayenge (we will drop her somewhere. If you don’t shut your mouth, we’ll take you somewhere as well).” I threaten to call cops. They don’t seem fazed. At this point [a friend] catches up with me and I loudly ask him to call cops. They see I have guys with me, and get worried. They signal.

No, they didn’t expect anyone to try and stop them. They thought I was just another unaccompanied woman. They got scared because I confronted [them]. The two guys get back into the car. They still lurk around and I keep shouting, they finally leave when I try to take video.

These guys spent a while calculating how best to spot a girl and had a fully planned method of how to abduct. They weren’t drunk. They looked like they knew what they were doing. HKV is a place where lots of women come and get drunk especially on Wednesdays because [it is] “ladies nights”. These were guys who very methodically had a plan to abduct and rape a woman. They weren’t doing it on impulse. They came here for this.”

The society often turns a blind eye to such incidents – what do you think – if every woman and man intervened like she did wouldn’t it make a HUGE difference?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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