If You Visit This Island In Andaman & Nicobar, You Might Get Killed!

People often talk about various exotic Indian locations, Andaman & Nicobar Islands is one of them.

A lot of tourists visit this island and the residents warmly welcome them. But have you ever heard of a location whose residents violently welcome the tourists? A tribal community that has survived for 60,000 years in an island amidst the Indian Ocean attempts to kill visitors! They have no contact with the outside world whatsoever and do not wish to change this in the future as well.

So, here is the story of North Sentinel Island of Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

From the sky, it seems to be a peaceful island with thick forests and wonderful beaches, but tourists or fishermen don’t have guts to step into this outcrop in the Bay Of Bengal due to its occupants’ terrifying reputation.

There are barely any tribes left isolated without external contact on Earth, in a world of rapid urbanization. But the Sentinelese are living proof to the contrary. They occupy the small island of North Sentinel that is the portion of the Andaman group of islands in the Bay Of Bengal.

This tribal community has rarely been photographed or recorded on video, very little is known about the Sentinelese people, their language, and rituals as it is too dangerous to visit the island.  They are very much concerned towards their privacy.  The Sentinelese in the strength of 500 has survived in loneliness on the island, repelling endeavours by anthropologists assimilate them into the modern world and to study their culture.

You must have watched James Cameron Sci-Fi movie “Avatar”, similar to the Pandora’s, these tribes have declared “this is our land”, which is of the size of Manhattan.

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Interaction with outsiders, it usually involves violence – the indigenous Sentinelese tribe killed two men who were fishing illegally on January 26, 2006. Indian coastguard helicopter greeted by a volley of arrows from the tribesmen that prevented the craft from landing which was to retrieve the fishermen’s bodies.

Their aggression towards interlopers can at least be partly credited to past conflicts. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, a lot of tribes were slaughtered in conflicts with armed salvagers who visited the island to collect iron and other goods from a shipwreck.

These self-trained fighters are hunter-gatherers, as agriculture is not known to them just like any other urbanized citizen. While privileged people are eating £15 burgers, the near-naked Sentinelese are surviving off the land and hunting for sea creatures and coconut.

Photo: coolinterestingstuff.com

Just like “Mr. India”, these superheroes vanished during the Tsunami in 2004. At first, it was assumed that they were wiped off by the tsunami but it was soon exposed that the inhabitants had progressed to upper hills before calamity struck as if they had foreseen the giant tidal wave arriving! Inhabitants of neighbouring islands were dead by the tsunami but there was no damage to the Sentinelese.

As there is a very popular quote “Every coin has two sides”. I feel it is their hostile attitude towards strangers probably saved them from extinction over the centuries while the other tribes from the Andaman Islands faced extinction. What do you think?

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