She Walked From Kanyakumari To Kashmir For The Cause Of Women Safety

While we flinch on seeing a woman being harassed and ignore its existence completely, Srishti Bakshi has taken not just one step but a billion to promote the cause of women safety.

This 31-year-old woman decided to take things in her hand and walk 2,800kms to create awareness. She started her journey on September 15, 2017 and covered nine states, starting from Kanyakumari in 166 days on foot. She is on her way to Kashmir and wishes to cover another 1,000kms making a total of 3,800kms.

Photo: CrossBow Miles/Facebook

“After covering nine states and 2,800 kilometres in 166 days, I have reached Noida. I intend to spread awareness in urban as well as rural areas regarding women safety. Boys and girls are the future of this country and they must be aware of the issue of women safety,” Bakshi told Hindustan Times.

Along with her team of 12, they are together conducting research and collecting data for the socio-economic status of women for their project named ‘CrossBow Miles’. The project aims to empower women through digital and financial literacy. Once her journey is completed and the data is collected, she will present it to the Union Ministry Of Women And Child Development.

Photo: CrossBow Miles/Facebook

“I might have ridden a bicycle or a motorbike but walking also ensured that I interact with people all the time. Till now, I have interacted with over 25,000 people from nine states of India. Even in Uttar Pradesh, I interacted with several people in Agra and Aligarh before coming to Noida,” she added.

So what made her undertake such a difficult but thoughtful journey?

When Bakshi read the news about a mother and her daughter being raped in Bulandshahr along the National Highway-91, in front of their family members, it boiled her blood and made her realise that it was due to such incidents that India was being branded as a country that wasn’t safe for women.

Photo: CrossBow Miles/Facebook

This incident that made Bakshi want to do something to bring about change happened in May 2017. A family of eight were on their way to visit a relative in the hospital when they were waylaid off the Yamuna Expressway. They were looted and the four women were gang-raped. A male relative who tried to rescue the woman was shot dead. The family was targetted by the robbers when the tyres of the Maruti Eco that the family was travelling, burst.

Srishti Bakshi’s efforts are commendable. You can join CrossBow Miles, donate or know more about them at their website: CrossBow Miles.

You can also download their app and walk to bring about change.

Preview Photo: CrossBow Miles/Facebook

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