Want To Take The Feel Of A Jail For ₹500?

Yes, you have read this right! You can now take an experience of living in a jail for ₹500!

If any tourist wants to experience the stay in a jail then one can pay ₹500 and spend 24hours inside the Sangareddy Prison at Telangana. There is a unique jail tourism programme called‘Feel the Jail’ where literally you can pay the fees and spend 24 hours inside a proper cell which is as per the PWD is 220 years old.

Photo: Flickr/Ankur P/Creative Commons

It was constructed in the year of 1796 AD, which was under the rulership of Salar Jung I when Hyderabad was a princely state ruled by Nizams.

At the prison, you are not given any special treatment and are treated like prisoners!

This has been done by two guys from Malaysia. Ng Inn Wo a dentist and his friend Ong Book Tek who is a restaurant owner flew all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Hyderabad just to get the experience of getting jailed.

Photo: indiatoday.in

Both of them wanted to try out how a jail is and what it is to live there so they spent their weekend at the Heritage Jail Museum which is in Telangana.

The duo was given proper jail clothes, perhaps they enjoyed their stay, they lived inside their cell. Both of them lived inside the jail for 48 hours and during that time they did some gardening, cleaning and also other activities which are assigned to a prisoner and enjoyed the Indian meal cooked by their fellow prisoners which they liked a lot.

This stunt of staying in the jail made them famous in a very short time over the social media.

By any chance, if you are thinking to visit the jail then please do give the tour operators a call and let them know that you are planning to be jailed for a day. You can then call your friends and say, ‘Bud, I am in jail!’ and prank them.

Preview Photo: mplive.co.in

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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