Want To Have A Bachelor Party? Pick These Bustling Cities

The trend of throwing a bachelor party in India is growing at a fast rate. What many people think about is going to a foreign location and having a gala time, just like it happens in the movies. Rather, visit these amazing places in the country which you are missing out on! Beach venues, five-star hotels, luxury suits and a lot more is there for your wolf gang.

These are some of the best spots for a perfect bachelor party:

1) Mumbai:

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The Palladium Hotel in Mumbai’s ‘Zenith Party Suite’, is one of the best penthouses for a private ‘bachelor party’. The suite has its own private bar, the mesmerizing view of the racecourse and if that does not satisfy you then the rooftop bar on the 40th floor of ‘Asilo’  will quench your thirst.

2) Chennai:

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Park Hyatt’s ‘The Apartment’ is one of the coziest places in the city and only for the wolf gang members who want to lie down and relax. The Apartment offers very flexible venues and customization, they will also click the candid photos and frame it in their photo frames. The best thing here is that there is a room which is themed around a casino with badass whiskey-based cocktails.

3) Goa:

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The ultimate party heaven in the country. When you take the first step, you get a great vibe. There is something in the soil of the state – some kind of a wind which is enticed with only freedom. The Marbela Beach Resort located on the northern side has one of the most popular Night Clubs – Club M, attached to their own private and secluded beach. Apart from enjoying the bachelor party in Marbela, there are lots of other water sports options to reduce your hangovers like sea kayaking, surfing and scuba-diving. Desi ZNMD!

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

A traveller and journalist who views the world wearing multi-coloured goggles. He believes that life is to live not to survive.

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