Want To See The World? Hop On This Around-The-World Cruise!

This eight-month cruise takes you to 59 countries and 113 port cities. Announced by Viking Cruises, it is a special Ultimate World Cruise which will travel around the world for 245 days.

‘Ultimate World Cruise’ is the longest ever continuous cruise sail. There are so many things that are going to happen on this giant cruise which will be enough to convince you to book it.

The Viking Ultimate World Cruise is set to depart from London in August 2018. The cruise has a capacity of roughly 1,000 passengers with stops at some beautiful cities that will blow your mind. A luxury vehicle, the cruise is a 745 foot, nine deck ocean liner known as the ‘Sun’.

This is the itinerary of the trip: after starting from London it will head to the West through the British Isles, then to the Arctic Circle in Canada, down to the East Coast of the United States before it heads to the Caribbean where it makes a few stops. From there you will be heading towards the Eastern Coast and the Southern tip of South America and then be docking in ‘Los Angeles’ about the halfway point.

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It also stops at the numerous ports in the South Pacific, then visiting Australia and New Zealand, taking a tour of the beautiful coasts of South East Asia before entering the Indian territory. Then again it will be heading for Egypt, the Mediterranean Sea and take some stops in Europe.

The trip is compulsively going to get you out of the ship to check out what is around when it visits Bora-Bora, Ushuaia and Argentina. You will also visit the tip of the South American continent which is commonly referred to as the ‘End of the World’.

The guests also get a complimentary shore excursion in each of the port. There is a special highlight which includes overnight stays in 22 cities like ‘Mumbai’, ‘Rio de Janeiro’, ‘Antigua’ and many more.

Now speaking about the cruise vessel, it’s very huge and you will take many days to just explore the ship. The staterooms are very large in size and they are fitted with own private verandas which are overlooking the beautiful blue water.

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Inside the ship, there are two pools, one includes an infinity pool which is glass backed right at the stern, there is a special ‘Scandinavian Spa’, there is a theatre, a library, lounges, bars to hop at and hang out. There are some beautiful terraces also to feel the peaceful breeze of the sea.

Now comes the food part – eight fancy restaurants to binge at, all inclusive in the cruise cost. What more do you want?

This gigantic ‘Viking Ultimate World Cruise’, is going to make your dreams come true. It is not cheap but it is really cool. 245 days in a huge ship where you will be visiting 113 port cities and 59 individual countries is one hell of a deal.

The price of the tickets start at $92,990 per person – this is the starting price. After converting the starting price in Indian Rupees, the result is – 62,04,331 INR. This price covers all the amenities, meals, excursions and apart from that it also covers business class international airfare, transfer to and from the ship, service/gratuities fees and of course, there is ‘FREE’ WiFi.

For those who cannot afford the time or money, can choose to go for half the time – either from London to Los Angeles or from Los Angeles to London.

Since there are a handful of staterooms left to reserve, it is your time to book the trip for 8 months, which is going to change your life and that is the only guarantee over here. Bon voyage!

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Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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