We Forgot These Amazing Performances By Actors, How Many Do You Remember?

These performances by the biggest stars of the country have now been forgotten because of two reasons. One, the film was not successful. And two, because we saw a lot of other films in which they acted and out memories were over-written.

The actors have been amazing in these movies, the acting deserved a round of applause.

Ranbir Kapoor in Rocket Singh Salesman of the year:

This was a flop in actor Ranbir Kapoor’s movie list but it is one the best performances he has given till now. The script, plot and acting were perfect. But somehow the movie did not match the expectations of the audience. There were many who loved the movie. Ranbir Kapoor’s transformation as a Sikh salesman is spectacular.

Akshay Kumar in Sangharsh:

Akshay Kumar went out of his ‘Khiladi’ zone for this role. Sangharsh had a good script, amazing actors and a gripping plot but somehow it did not get the appreciation it deserved. This is one of the best movies in his career till now. Akshay’s potential can be seen here.

Ajay Devgn and Salman Khan in London Dreams:

There were two leads in the film and it is impossible to judge who is the best. Ajay Devgn is a dark and negative character in the film and Salman Khan is the extreme opposite of him. The acting of both the actors was amazing as Ajay and Salman carry the film wonderfully on their shoulders and the keep the audience engaged.

Hrithik Roshan in Fiza:

Hrithik Roshan’s flop in the start of his career did not sink him down but his stellar performance in the movie was not noticed. This is his first movie where he plays the role of a negative character, a boy and a brother from a simple family who takes up terrorism as a youth and moves forward with it. In the end, you can guess what happens to him but his performance is worth watching.

Shah Rukh Khan in Hey Ram:

This movie was out of the comfort zone for Shahrukh Khan. He plays the role of a humble and good-natured Pathan who is against the partition of the country. Shahrukh’s acting range is widened here. The movie was not a hit but his performances speak a lot about him.

Have you watched all of these movies?

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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