When A King Gave Three Different Penalties For Three Culprits Of The Same Crime…

One day, three culprits who had committed the same offence were presented in front of the king. They were caught red-handed while trying to rob a rich man’s house.

One culprit was the son of a reputed businessman, the second was a hardworking farmer’s son and the third was the son of a mischievous criminal.

The king condemned the son of the reputed businessman. He said, “Haven’t you even thought for once about your family’s reputation which they have earned with their honesty?”

And the king set him free.

After him, it was the farmer’s son’s turn. The king slapped him and condemned him, “Your family works really hard to earn money and respect in the society. But, you thought out to become a thief instead of choosing the path of efforts and hard work! I am setting you free because it is your first offence but, never ever think to repeat this mistake again.”

And king set him free too.

But, the king sentenced the third offender harshly. His head was to be shaved off, then white-washed and then he was to be taken throughout the city sitting inversely on a donkey. Post that, he was to be sent to jail for a 10-year term.

The king’s minister was astonished; he said to the king, “My lord, I think your justice is unfair.  You penalised all three offenders differently for the same crime.”

The king interrupted the minister, “You will understand my judgement only after you see in what condition and environment they are coming from.”

The minister and king disguised themselves the next day and decided to visit the homes of the three offenders. First, they went to the reputed businessman’s mansion. They saw that a little crowd had gathered in front of the gate of the mansion. Everybody in the crowd was sad. The minister inquired and found out that the businessman had committed suicide because his son was caught robbing and the king condemned him.

The minister was taken aback listening to this. The king signalled him to move further to the farmer’s house. When they reached they saw the farmer’s entire family sitting on the porch and that the farmer was beating his son with a stick, ordering him to leave his house. The son was pleading and apologizing but in vain.

The king and the minister then went to third offender’s house. His father was happily playing rummy with his friends on a street corner. They returned from there.

While returning they saw the third offender’s procession. He was white-washed; black-faced and was sitting inverse on the donkey. The children were hooting. But, still, he was laughing. He wasn’t ashamed at all.

King asked the minister, “Did you get your answer?”

There should be someone like this king to sentence our corrupt politicians as well, who do not stop nor feel ashamed even for a moment.

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Aashu Patel
Aashu Patel

Aashu Patel is a writer, who has written on a variety of genres ranging from crime to inspirational. 40 books written by him are published. He has worked as an editor of many leading newspapers. He has written many novels. Well-known film director Tigmanshu Dhulia is making a Hindi film based on his English novel 'Madam X'.

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