When Celebs Lost Their Cool & Got Really Mean!

Sometimes success overpowers a person’s politeness. Sometimes, even a celeb is just having a bad day. There have been incidents when celebrities have been mean, angry and rude at their fans and other people.

Here are some celebs who completely lost their cool. Justified, or not, you decide after knowing the reasons behind their anger and meanness.

Katrina Kaif:

Photo: dnaindia.com

She was mean a few years ago but we do not know about now. This was an incident when a 10-year-old fan approached the actress for her picture, Kaif gave a cold look and said, “ Umm… no.”

This was when she was told by a flight attendant who tapped on her shoulder to wake her up from sleep and asked her to just fasten her seatbelt. The actress yelled at her on the flight for touching her, she even made sure that the air hostess apologizes to her.


Photo: youngisthaan.in

He had a bad temper and we know that incident which happened on the sets of ‘Money Hai To Honey Hai’. The actor slapped a fan whose name was ‘Santosh Rai’ in 2008, following a year after, Rai filed a complaint against the actor in court in 2009. The court case ended in 2013 and Govinda had to pay a compensation of Rs 5 lakhs and had to apologize to Santosh Rai.

Kushal Tandon:

Photo: filmibeat.com

Kushal Tandon has been in the news for the all the controversies around him and this incident had lowered his respect even more. Everybody knows that time when actress Ameesha Patel was sitting at the time of the National Anthem in the theatre, Kushal was the only person who was making a ruckus out of her sitting.

It was later that Patel got more furious and said, “ Women we all need to slap Kushal. I had the monthly girly problem. Getting up would have caused a blood flow on the theatre ground.”

Salman Khan:

Photo : indiatoday.intoday.in

He is the sweetest and one of the most helpful people in the industry, but he is mean at times. Some years back in 2013, there was an incident when the actor was in his car and a group of people tried to take photos of him, naturally, anyone would. Khan rolled down the window took the fan’s phone and threw it away on the ground.

The fan had said that “ The incident really hurt me. For him, the cost of the phone would be less but for us, it would have been a big loss if it would have been broken.”

What do you think about these outbursts?

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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