When Diogenes Put Knowledge On Sale!

People always made fun of the great Greek philosopher Diogenes. They thought he was insane. But he did not pay heed to what people had to say, he was indifferent.  But, there were some trouble mongers who used to come to his house to tease him and make fun of him. Sometimes due to those people, Diogenes’ study and analytical thinking would get disturbed. So, he decided to move out of the village.

He built a small hut at a river-bank. He put a board in front of the hut, ‘Knowledge on sale here.’

Reading the board, the people got another chance to make fun of him and laugh at him. But, he was at peace because nobody would come that far just to laugh at him or to disturb him. Only those who really sought knowledge and wanted to learn were coming to him. He spent time with them, teaching them.

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Once a bibulous landlord was passing by his hut and he read the slogan, ‘Knowledge on sale here.’ For once he laughed at it, thinking it to be some trick. But he was curious so he sent his servant to investigate.

The servant went to Diogenes and said that his boss had sent him to buy some knowledge. Giving the money to Diogenes he said, “Give me some good quality knowledge.”

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Diogenes said, “Tell your boss that death is inevitable. Remember these three words while doing anything.” The servant told the same to the landlord. Initially, the landlord thought that he was made a fool. But, Diogenes’ words echoed in his mind for many days.  As a result, he stopped exploiting his servants.

Diogenes’ pearls of wisdom brought about change in the man who at first did not take him seriously. The lives of the servants who worked for the landlord improved drastically.

What if billionaires of our country meet a man like Diogenes someday? Unfortunately in our country philosophers are also corrupted.

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Aashu Patel
Aashu Patel

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