When The Love Charger Ran Out Of Battery : Twinkle Khanna’s Witty Take On ‘MSG Baba’

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Mrs. Funny Bones aka Twinkle Khanna has been witty when it comes to offering her take on current affairs. Her blog about Guru Ram Rahim Singh is yet another interesting piece of work.

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Twinkle Khanna’s new piece is yet another satirical take – this time on Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh.

She talks about how she insisted her friends to ‘catch the first day, first show’ of MSG – the film where in the Baba starred and the witty writing ensues on her Times Of India blog.

“One day, I was at the Marriott when I discovered that Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan had taken over the presidential suite, as well as dozens of rooms for a fortnight. I guess he probably needed the extra space even if it was to just store his mammoth name…” she writes.

She further writes, “Mayhem spread across parts of Punjab and Haryana as his followers, who call themselves Insan, forgot about their humanity and went about threatening to ‘wipe out India’. The violence led to at least 30 deaths and 250 people being injured. The ministers, who had taken blessings from the same godman looking at these very followers as a votebank, were busy announcing their helplessness to control the mob.”

In her blog she says likens such babas to potholes – saying that are as common as the latter and that we – the society are to blame because these ‘babas’ become so due to us. We put them on a pedestal.

She sends out a strong message saying, “It is time that we gullible fools stop turning towards them like a bunch of silly sunflowers looking for the sun, forgetting that a halo is just a trick of the light.”

Well, we agree with Mrs. Funny Bones. Let’s take our brains inside a baba’s ashram next time we go see one and leave ‘only’ our chappals outside.

Cocktail Zindagi Network
Cocktail Zindagi Network

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