Where Does Shah Rukh Khan Spend His Money?

Everyone knows one of the richest actors in the Bollywood industry, Shahrukh Khan. He is often regarded as the second richest celebrity in the world. Khan started by earning Rs 50 in and now he has more than $650 million.

Now we are talking about this actor’s investments – Khan has always kept on investing money. Investment is one of the oldest traditions in the world, when you keep on reinvesting your money somewhere, you will start getting returns on it every time.

Here are some of his most successful ventures in which he invested the money he earned:

1) Red Chillies Entertainment:

Red Chillies Entertainment Office in Mumbai | Photo: Satyajit Desai

This production house which was launched in 2002 is one of his most profitable ventures till now. The production house has the best VFX team in the country, they keep on producing small to big banner movies yearly, the annual turnover according to the folks at Economic Times is Rs 500 crore. He has a 20-floor office in Khar, (W) right above Starbucks cafe.

2) Kolkata Knight Riders:

Photo: sportskeeda.com

Khan directly does not have his hand in this IPL team, but ‘Red Chillies Entertainment’ has a stake of 55% in the team and the production house is owned by his wife ‘Gauri Khan’. Due to Khan, they have many sponsors who pay them in crores just for advertising on the back and the front side of the T-shirts of the players. The team was bought for Rs 48 crore in 2008, but after the inflation, the amount has not been adjusted.

3) Mannat:

Photo: cosmopolitan.in

The actor leased this property in 2001 for Rs 13.32 crore and pays a negligible rent every year. Mannat’s property valuation is above Rs 150 crore and recently some years back Khan built a 6 storey building for himself which is now attached to the bungalow and is converted into his private working area so the value increases in both the areas, which has not yet been counted. According to housing.com, ‘When the Maharashtra government revised the land lease rates in Mumbai and its suburbs, the increased lease rent of ₹19 lakh a year, or a one-time occupancy fee of ₹8.3 crore (one-fifth of the plot’s Ready Reckoner value) for outright ownership of the same, was implemented.’

4) KidZania:

Photo: livemint.com

So many malls in the city have ‘KidZania’ but very fewer people know that Khan has a 26% of stake in this. How much King Khan has invested is not revealed. KidZania is an indoor theme park for kids.

5) A house in Park Lane, London:

Shahrukh Khan purchased this house in Central London’s Park Lane for many years just for Rs 16.5 crores, imagine the value now!

Preview Photo: indianexpress.com

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