Who Is Omar Saeed Sheikh – The Terrorist Whose Role Will Be Essayed By Rajkumar Rao In Omerta?

Bollywood actor Rajkumar Rao will be playing the role of this terrorist in director Hansal Mehta’s ‘Omerta’. Omar Saeed Sheikh is one of the most dangerous terrorists till now. But how much do we know about him?

The trailer of ‘Omerta’ is out, the name of the movie means ‘the code of silence’.

Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh is a British terrorist of Pakistani origin who completed his schooling from Walthamstow, North East London. It is highly unbelievable that he is a graduate of the London School of Economics and at the time of his education the terrorist had been suspended several times due to his violent behaviour. Sheikh was a very fine chess player and won a junior London Championship.

Omar is one of the sharpest, strong and intelligent criminals who had even tried to attempt suicide in the cell he was jailed in.

Omar Saeed Sheikh came into the limelight when he kidnapped three British nationals and one American national in 1994, in India. He was arrested and was serving a term at a prison in Ghaziabad but had to be released in 1999 when other terrorists hijacked Indian Airlines flight 814 and demanded his release.

Saeed has also got a special connection with the military, secret services and terrorist organizations of Pakistan, allegedly. He did his training in Afghanistan where he earned the title of Osama Bin Laden’s ‘Special Son’.

Terrorist Omar Saeed Sheikh | Photo: telegraph.co.uk

It is also said that Omar Saeed Sheikh was involved in the 9/11 bomb blasts in the USA. After that, a Wall Street Journal article reported in 2002 that ‘Daniel Pearls’ was investigating the connections between ISI and Islamic State Militant groups in Pakistan. Saeed was given a death sentence by the Pakistani courts.

Not only this, while in prison the terrorist smuggled a cell phone and a British sim card at the time of the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Saeed disguised himself as the Indian Foreign Minister (then Pranab Mukherjee) and threatened Pakistani President Zardari with war. This whole situation was so bad that the whole Pakistani military was put on a high alert.

Indeed this is one of the most mysterious and interesting terrorists till now who is commuted to a life imprisonment.

Omerta is releasing on 20th April which is completely based on the life of ‘Omar Saeed Sheikh’.

Preview Photo: variety.com

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