Here’s Why Bagan, Myanmar Should Be On Your Travel-To List!

Bagan – when you see a picture of this place in Myanmar your first reaction will be of awe. It will rekindle the spiritual side of you and for those who do not want to do that, Bagan is a traveller’s paradise.

Located in the Mandalay region of Myanmar, Bagan is an ancient city with over 2000 pagodas and temples that are spread across its green plains. Constructed in the 11th century, these structures were as much as 10,000 in number!

Previously known as ‘Pagan’ is was once the capital of Myanmar.

It is offbeat:

Even though it is famous, it was recently that Bagan became a known destination. It was cut off for a very long time. But even today you will not see too many tourists there as much as you will at any other famous destination. Also, ‘travellers’ frequent this destination more than ‘tourists’.

You are likely to get in touch with your spiritual side:

Who is not seeking inner peace? This place will offer you ample of opportunity to realise what being at peace really means. You will get lost in the beauty of the temples & their history. The Buddhist pagodas are yet another chance to experience life other than the rushed one you already know. Bagan is often referred to as the ‘sea of temples’! What more do you want?

You’ll experience one of the most beautiful hot air balloon rides:

If you are a photography enthusiast, or simply love to experience the hot air balloon ride, Bagan is the best place to do so with breathtaking views. Don’t miss this experience. Also, interact with the locals, they are usually very friendly.

It is a chance to experience lovely local cuisines:

If you are a foodie, Bagan is going to shock your taste buds. Burmese food is unlike any other cuisine you would have ever tasted. If you prefer non-vegetarian food you can try their national dish Mohinga. Eat at local stalls and restaurants that are not very fancy to experience real local food (garlic chips are amazing)!

November to February are the best months to visit Bagan. Avoid the other months as either they are too hot, or rainy.

Tag your travel-buddy with whom you want to visit this paradise!

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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