Why Do Peacocks Dance? The Answer Is Simple!

Imagine the beautiful peacock, spreading its priceless plumage, dancing in tune with the rhythm of the rain. Isn’t it a sight to die for?

Peacocks – who are India’s national birds are creatures that have managed to inspire awe in almost every person who have laid their eyes on them.

The peacock is the male who belongs the species of ‘peafowls’. Peafowls in a collective name given to peacocks (male), peahens (female) and peachicks (babies). Out of the three species of peafowls, Indian or blue peafowl is the one we have seen the most.

Peacocks, whose feathers are often sold as Lord Krishna is often depicted wearing a peacock feather, are birds that need to be preserved. Collecting the feathers they naturally shed is one thing and plucking them out from their body for making money is another thing synonymous to exploitation.

Some of the most beautiful pictures of the peacock show them with a spread-out plumage. We often say that the peacocks dance in the rain. Have you wondered why? The answer is simple.

In India, the monsoon season begins in June and ends in September. It is during these months that the peacocks, mate with the peahens. The dance is to attract their female counterparts. As per Wikipedia, Charles Darwin suggested that the peacock’s attractive feathers were their way of attracting females. It is their call to mate!

The wet monsoon season makes most animals want to mate. It was a belief before the advancement of science that the peacock dance was a sign that the area was going to experience sudden rain. That is not true.

Peacocks aren’t really that different from humans are they?

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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