Why Mossad Is One Of The Best Intelligence Organisations In The World

“Where no counsel is, the people fall, but in the multitude of counselors there is safety,” is the current motto of Mossad (Proverbs XI:14).

Often called as ‘the world’s best intelligence agency’ Mossad belongs to Israel. Formed in the year of 1949, the word ‘Mossad’ means ‘the institute’ in Hebrew. It holds the responsibility of conducting covert, counter-terrorism, intelligence collection and national safety operations of Israel. For quite a long time, the name of the head of the agency was kept under the wraps, he/she directly reported to the Prime Minister of Israel.  The current director of the agency is Yossi Cohen.

Mossad, which is headquartered in Tel Aviv has a special counter-terrorism unit in Mossad known as ‘Kidon’ and the ‘Kidon’ also has teams. It also has another counter-terrorism unit called ‘Metsada’.

On December 13, 1949, Israel was formed as the then Prime Minister David-Ben Gurion wanted a central body to coordinate and improve cooperation between the existing security services. In March 1951, it was reorganized and made a part of the prime minister’s office.  The first director of Mossad was Reuven Shiloah.

Mossad Emblem

There is a reason that this is the world’s finest and topmost agency. Israel is a country of ‘Jews’ and Jews have had a very bad experience of violence in the past.  Israel that is land-locked by other Muslim countries and by all the sides doesn’t exactly have great relations with its neighbours. Thus, the security of the nation is the topmost priority as it is vulnerable geographically.

Once there was an incident that one of their ‘Kidon’ teams had sent flowers to the wife of a terrorist just minutes before the terrorist was executed by them – this is called as ‘psychological warfare’. The ‘Special Operations Department’ & ‘LAP’ Department’ in the agency of Mossad has the authority to decide which part of the operation will be leaked to the media to create panic or fear in the minds of the enemy. These departments conduct highly sensitive projects often having psychological warfare.

The agency’s strong point is gathering ‘Human Intelligence’ in a very covert manner. It is also believed that the scientists of Arab countries were terminated to put a halt on the nuclear ambitions, which posed as a threat to Israel.  According to some, Mossad had also recorded Ex-US President Bill Clinton’s sex calls with Monica Lewinsky.

It is speculated that Mossad has their focus on the ‘Research and Development’ of new weapons and chemicals, which till date has executed many people and yet remained undetected. They have a department dedicated to it. The largest department of Mossad is the Collections department which is tasked with an array of operations to conduct espionage overseas. According to Mossad’s profile on globalsecurity.org, ‘The Political Action and Liaison Department is responsible for working with allied foreign intelligence services, and nations that have no normal diplomatic relations with Israel.’

Late Mossad chief Meir Dagan (center) in Lebanon. (photo credit: BAMACHANE)

During their operation to assassinate a Hamas leader, Khaled Mashal, in retaliation for a Hamas attack in Jerusalem market where 2 suicide bombers killed 16 Israelis, injuring 169 others, things didn’t go as per plan. The newly elected Benjamin Netanyahu wanted this operation to be a secret so a Mossad scientist suggested for a poison which would remain undetected but there was a great mishap in the operation as two of their agents were caught while aborting the mission in Jordan. This incident strained the relations between Israel and Palestine and Netanyahu himself had to send the antidote of the poison in order to safeguard his two agents who were caught.

Mossad has its own venture capital fund to invest in hi-tech technological start-ups!

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