Will We Really Have Flying Cars By 2020?

It is almost like Ron’s flying car from Harry Potter is going to come alive. Or for that matter, The Flintstones cartoon that is decades old – could actually be decades ahead in vision.

Recently, aircraft manufacturer Bell Helicopter has revealed the look of the cabin for an electric, self-piloting air taxi at the Consumer Electronics Show, which is specially designed for ‘Uber’. The company has planned to reveal the whole propulsion system which consists of rotors, fans, and wings at a later date.

Bell Director of Innovation Scott Drennan told the Verge, “Keep competition on their heels.” that is why all the cards are closed and packed.

Uber has called their program ‘Uber Elevate’ which is focused on flying taxis. The taxi mogul has announced for 2020 Aircraft Taxi Service and it will partner with ‘NASA’ for the development of a flying taxi service in Los Angeles in the time of two years.

Bell unveiled the concept which is powerful and majestic, able to accommodate up to four passengers with comfort. The vehicle will be available only on demand which offers vertical take-off and landing which is a cross between the traditional helicopter, a passenger carrying drone and a light aircraft. The vehicle will comprise of a gas turbine inside the vehicle to power an electric generator.

The main purpose of the Texas-based tech giant ‘Bell’ is that their design will shorten the travel time, which will allow the passengers to enjoy the journey more and they can utilize their airtime. The vehicle has lots of connectivity technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Video Calling, WiFi and Wireless Charging.

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Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi speaking with the students at IIT Delhi on his visit to India for the first time said, “Why dig tunnels when you can use the air?”

This comment was directed at the Tesla founder Elon Musk, who is currently working on buildings tunnels to connect cities like New York to Washington DC for Hyperloop, who came back with a fitting reply on Twitter, “If you love drones above your house, you’ll really love vast number of ‘cars’ flying over your head that are 1000 times bigger and noisier and blow away anything that isn’t nailed down when they land.”

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Both of them don’t seem to be a competition because  Musk’s focus is on the intra-city transport in the fastest way possible and Dara’s vision on inter-city transport in the most comfortable and time-saving way.

Earlier in 2017, Uber teamed up with the governments of Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles and Dubai to introduce Uber Elevate in these countries first.

How would it be to ride in a flying car which so far has only been a subject of sci-fi? Also, how practical would these supercars be?

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