Worried About Poor Air Quality? Get These Plants To Purify Air & Breathe!

Hearing about Delhi’s ‘unbreathable air’ situation panics most of us. Which city will be next? With the increasing pollution levels in the cities of India and without efficient measures to tackle it, what are we going to do to keep the air around us breathable?

For starters, you could get these three plants. And they are really common.

These plants were used to purify air in New Delhi for 15 years in a 20 year old, 50,000 sqft building with 1200 plants for 300 occupants. They have found out that there a probability that one’s blood oxygen levels go up by 1% if one stays in the building for 10 hours.  Also compared to other buildings in the area, a lot of other diseases decreased by 20-60%. The study has been published on the website of Government of India.

According to a TED Talk given by Kamal Meattle, these three are the plants you need:

1. The Areca Palm (Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens):


While most plants take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, this plant goes one step ahead and helps purify the air by absorbing certain pollutants.  Since this is an indoor plant, filtered sunlight is enough. Also, it is easy to maintain. We have seen this plant often around us.

For one person, four shoulder length plants are enough.

2. Mother-In-Law Tongue (Sansevieria Trifasciata):


While the name sounds really funny, this plant does some pretty serious work. It is also known as the snake plant. This star, produces oxygen even at night unlike most other plants. Do you know who discovered this plant? None other than NASA! It was discovered to remove Benzene from air. It doesn’t need to watered often and grows indoors easily. If you have pets at home, please keep it away from them as it might be poisonous for animals.

For one person, six to eight waist-high plants are needed.

3. Money Plant (Epipremnum Auruem):


Not all money plants purify air. The plant you get must have the scientific name of ‘epipremnum auruem’. This plant is also proven to remove pollutants from the air including formaldehyde and makes the air less toxic. Also, out of the three, this does the maximum work. The plant is toxic for animals, so do place it a good height.

Watch the video here:

While you are purifying the air around you, make an attempt to plant trees so that your generations to come do not face the same problem as we are facing today.

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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