YOLO! You Must Attend These 5 Wild Parties If You Are A Party Animal!

A marching group arrives at Canal Street as it marches ahead of the Krewe of Zulu on Mardi Gras Day in New Orleans, Tuesday, March 8, 2011.

Once in your lifetime, you would want to attend these 5 wild parties.

In today’s generation, wild parties have become a trend. If you want to experience the wildness that happens in the parties along with your best friends, this is the article to read.

Fun is like a risk take it and watch it turn into an adrenaline rush. Head to these parties with your pals or make some over there. The festivals and parties which we will be talking about are absolutely legal.

In the end, everything that takes your happiness graph high is worth it.

1) Yacht Week in – Croatia and Greece:

Photo: gqindia.com

This 7-day party is in the sea where you just have to eat exceptional food and chill. This luxurious yacht with smoothies, sun, champagne and the exotic locations will give you the best feelings while on, and a different experience of yacht parties. Dance all night!

2) Mardis Gras – New Orleans:

Photo: cnttraveller.com

Also known as Shrove Tuesday or Fat, it begins with the slogans ‘Let the good times roll’. In this carnival, there is everything wild – beads, alcohol, and nudity. You, of course, have a choice! Mardis Gras is all about getting crazy in the atmosphere of music, and delicious food.

3) Full Moon Party – Koh Phangan:

Photo: phangancalendar.com

This wild party is the king of all the parties – the party will be on as long as you can stay. First Fool Moon party happened in 1985 and since then the ravers come from the nearby Koh Samui by ferry and enjoy. The EDM music starts flowing through your veins and you feel the full moon energy. There are buckets filled with booze which will keep you high.

4) Oktoberfest – Munich:

Photo: lonelyplanet.com

Beer lovers are welcomed here with lots of beer and love. The 16-18 day beer festival in Munich, Germany starting from September end to October mid is very famous. There are so many types of craft beers with many local breweries participating which will keep your energy up with pure German cuisine, amusement games and long ques at the loo!

5) The Burning Man – Nevada:

Photo: chromographicsinstiute.com,

At The Burning Man festival, people who are attending will take their food and drink supplies along with them for the entire week. Keep this on bucket list if you want to experience pure thrill because the tickets of this festival also give you a death disclaimer! Yeah really. It is held in the middle of the desert and might cause you dehydration. But people go gaga over it!

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Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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