You Can Do These Amazing Activities Around The World For Free! Really!

The world is a beautiful place and how much ever you see it something is going to be left behind anyway.

Henry Miller once said, “One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things.”

If there are things which can be done without spending a single money from your pocket then why not do those? There are many activities which should be experienced for once which will find a special place in the memory section of your mind and in the happiness section of your heart.

1) Bike tours in Miami, Florida for free:


In today’s world Bike tours have been trending and loved by all. Riding a bike and roaming wherever you feel like is one one of the best things, that too when it is free. Explore the beautiful beaches of Miami and ride to explore without money.

2) Paint in the streets of Buenos Aires:


Whenever you are in the capital of ‘Argentina’ there is one thing which you can do for free is painting. Explore the beautiful streets of Buenos Aires and wake up that hidden artist within you, start painting, write anything your heart says on the walls.

3) Watch outdoor movies in Miami:


We have always parked our cars and seen movies but this experience in Miami is absolutely free. You just need to get your blanket, chair, and your friends (not compulsory!) to see the free outdoor movie under the stars.

4) New York’s Arts and Music Festival:


New York cities longest two months arts and music festival can be experienced for free. This festival is surely going to make you some insane memories.

5) Museums in the United Kingdom:


Visit any museum in the United Kingdom for free without paying a single penny. It feels as if the United Kingdom is offering you to delve into their history and get to its roots.

All good things need not be super expensive!

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Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

A traveller and journalist who views the world wearing multi-coloured goggles. He believes that life is to live not to survive.

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