You Can Plant A Tree Instead Of Paying Fees At This Innovative School

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According to the 2011 Census, India’s literacy rate was 74%. India’s population is 132 crore as per World Bank, in 2016. If we count the literacy rate to be stagnant, then over 34 crore people are still illiterate.

Many people cannot afford to get their children educated. They think education does not help. While affordable quality education isn’t easily found, a school at Chattisgarh is doing its bit to change the scenario of education in India.

‘Shiksha Kuteer’, a school in Chattisgarh’s Bargai village lets students’ parents plant saplings as fees instead of money. The school through its noble initiative allows kids to get a free primary education and does its bit for the environment as well.

ANI quoted that at least 35 students in groups of 3-4 are studying at this innovative school.

As per a report in Bihar Prabha, over 700 saplings were planted across the village in the last year. How amazing is that?

A group of local professionals and businessmen came together and thought of this idea. Every parent who plants a sapling cannot just forget about it once it is planted. They have to nurture it, care for it. Should the plant die, they will have to plant another one.

Sevak Das, a villager, told news agency ANI, “Shiksha Kuteer has opened in the village for students who are poor and have no money to pay fees. Students are being taught in English medium.”

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Three cheers for education!

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