You Wouldn’t Believe The Age Of The Youngest Mother In The World!


There are some facts in the world that are too hard to believe. They shock you beyond recovery and one such fact is about the youngest mother on record.

Lina Marcela Medine de Jurado is the youngest mother ever. She delivered a baby at the age of 5 years, 7 months and 21 days! Yes, you heard that absolutely right.  She survived the childbirth even at such a young age and currently lives in Lima, Peru.

When her parents brought the girl to the hospital due to the constant increase in the size of her abdomen, she was seven months pregnant. At first, it was speculated that she had a tumour that was the reason behind the increase in the abdomen size.


The caesarian birth that Medina gave caused a lot of controversy in the media. The surgery was performed by Lozada and Dr. Busalleu. Dr. Colareta gave anaesthesia to  Medina. She gave birth to a boy on May 14, 1939.

Medina attained puberty really area. This is termed as precocious puberty. Her genital organs were fully formed at the age of 5 years. That is the reason why she could become a mother. Dr. Edmond Escole, in a medical journal named La Presse Médicale stated that she had begun menstruating at the age of eight months.

The baby boy grew up believing that Medina was his sister. He was named Gerardo. When he was just 10-years-old he found the truth. Gerardo passed away at the age of 40 in 1979.

Medina has never revealed the identity of the father and it is speculated that she might not know it herself as she was too young at that time. Her father had been arrested on the charges of sexual abuse but was later released due to lack of evidence.


As she grew up she married a man named Raul Jurado. She later gave birth to a boy named Raul Jurado Jr. in 1972.

People first thought that the case was a hoax as it did not sound logical or palatable. But eventually, many doctors supported the facts as they had seen the medical reports. Few photographs are also on record of the said pregnancy. No other case in the world of this kind has been reported before or after Medina’s pregnancy.

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